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About theBiomatStore and the Richway Biomat

Call the Biomat Store about our demo policy and let us guide you to where 0% financing is available for qualified buyers. The Biomat Store is the choice provider of Biomats for medical and wholistic practitioners as well as purchasers from the public at large. We are invited to medical trade shows to present as well as demonstrate the Biomat and are the most trusted in the industry. We were voted #1 in customer service by our loyal users.


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Richway International and Fuji Bio are the sole manufacturers and suppliers of the Biomat, worldwide. Richway International has set fixed pricing for all of its products so that all distributors must honor and all customers should receive the same prices from any website. Discounts are only available to licensed professionals and certified practitioners for the Biomat Professional model only. Therefore, the only advantages of buying from one distributor or another is customer service, the ability to honor warranties, free accessories, financing options and demo periods. and The Biomat Company are associates who have been marketing Biomats in the United States and abroad for over a decade. Our customers have access to our accumulated knowledge in Far Infrared and Negative Ion Therapy as well as distributorship opportunites and support.

If You are a medical practitioner looking for research papers click here: has spent the majority of its marketing efforts working with medical practitioners in the pursuit of integrative and holistic means of healing. Our success in working with these partners brings you Far Infrared and Negative Ion Healing supported by our professional affiliates and volumes of testimonials.

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  • To Honor Our Veterans will give $100.00 off the price of a Biomat Professional with a Valid Military Picture ID.

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