Cellular REjuvination with the Biomat

Biomat:Cellular Rejuvenation by Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystals by Heather Hickson


The Biomat is used as a thermotherapy treatment to regenerate the cells and bring the body into complete homeostasis. Stemming back to the BC era with the Greeks to centuries later with Nobel Prize winners Erwin Neher and Bert Sakman to NASA's development creates the basis to the discovery of the Biomat. The Biomat consists of a mat of pure amethyst crystals amongst a bed of far infrared rays that penetrate deep into the core of the body releasing negative ions when laid on. While western medicine's protocols for treating disease and cancer are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or drugs, most of the time their plan is insufficient in curing illness. This paper describes the benefits the Biomat has on disease, chronic and acute ailments amongst maintaining proper health. We contest negative ions, the electric magnetic spectrum and amethyst crystals. We further discuss the effects of temperature control and regulation of a cell in comparison to the alkalinity of the body

Biomat: Cellular Rejuvenation by Far Infrared Rays, Negative Ions and Amethyst Crystals

Western medicine today removes cancer by surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. This leads to leaving cancerous cells behind to grow and multiply. They never remove the cancer completely resulting in cancer occurring in the same area or some other place in the body. Knowing that there are other ways to treat cancer and other diseases, a group of scientists, engineers and medical professionals developed the Biomat. The Greeks in four hundred BC to NASA's discoveries in nineteen fifty nine with the help of the Nobel Prize winning work of Erwin Neher and Bert Sakman lead to the discovery of the mat developed by RichWay scientists (Kaltsas, 2009, p.2). Not only do the effects of the Biomat remove cancer and disease on the cellular level, they stimulate the circulatory, immune and nervous system while reducing stress. Utilization of the far infrared rays that run through amethyst crystals of the Biomat increases the negative ions allowing the body to rejuvenate and heal itself from all forms of disease.

Most disease and cancer is caused by a low immune system not being able to fight off infectious agents. Yoshimizu (2009) states, "The relationship between our immune system and body temperature is very important. If our body temperature is around thirty five degrees Celsius, our body will have a sufficient amount of immune functions" (p. 57). Even one drop in a degree results in the body producing cancerous cells and the immune system declining Cancer patients develop hypothermia by poor blood circulation when body temperatures lower. When enzymes activities declines by a drop in a degree, the cells are not able to carry out absorption, transportation and excretion to other cells as well as healthy cells do. Then the production of ATP is affected causing not enough energy production into the cells. The autonomic system which controls digestion, temperature, metabolism, circulation and breathing will also be disturbed by temperatures dropping below normal range disrupting the homeostasis between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system (Yoshimizu, 2009, p. 61).

In order to balance the cells and rid the body of cancer and diseases, RichWay scientists developed a Biomat which is USFDA cleared that raises the temperature of cells above thirty five degree Celsius to seventy degrees Celsius without harming the cells. This is also known as thermotherapy where amethyst crystals, far infrared rays and negative ions have an effect on the body by raising the heat of the cells. According to Yoshimizu (2009), "Normal cells can handle temperatures of up to forty seven degrees Celsius, cancer cells can only handle temperatures of up to forty two degrees Celsius" (p. 67). Therefore raising cancers cells above what they can handle will kill the cells eliminating the cancer growth.

Pure amethyst crystals run all the way through the Biomat. It was known that the gemstone in early BC had healing capabilities. The Greeks would lie on a bed of this quartz, cover up in a blanket of amethyst, sit in amethyst caves or drink particles of it to calm, ground, soothe the body and cure disease. The Romans, Huns and Europeans centuries later recognized the effects of amethyst also known as Silicon Oxide to be beneficial to their health by balancing and purifying the body. Modem day scientists finally recognized the results of amethyst and designed the Biomat out of it. (Kaitsas, 2009, p. 4). Amethyst is known to be a conductor of light energy. Kaitsas (2009) states "The violet color is attributed to certain iron constituents in connection with a naturally occurring ability to store and radiate light over time" (p. 4). This allows the amethyst of the Biomat to purify the cells through the ultraviolet spectrum. Richardson (1980) explains amethyst as "able to affect the blood vessels and arteries which carry this energy through the medium of the bloodstream" (p. 50). Therefore the energy of amethyst is connected to healing the emotional, spiritual and physical layer of the body and able to move at a higher vibrational level through far infrared rays.

The idea of far infrared rays having an effect on the body through the Biomat was discovered by NASA after they sent animals into space and they came back cold. They designed a suit that penetrated far infrared radiation into the bodies of monkeys and they remained warmer while maintaining better health (Piller, 1999, p.1). Far infrared light from the electromagnetic spectrum consists of long frequency waves since it is the farthest ray from the range in the spectrum. Far infrared rays are harmless to organic molecules and ranges from four point zero to four hundred microns. The Biomat produces a range of between five to fifteen microns (Piller, 1999, p. 1). In the first law of thermodynamics, Piller (1999) states far infrared rays as being "Conduction-Heat traveling from an area of high temperature to an area of low temperature within an object" (p.1). Not only is the far infrared waves linked to the first law of thermodynamics but they pertain to the third law of thermodynamic in relation to the thermo radiation of the Biomat (Piller, 1999, p.1).

While laying on the Biomat, far infrared radiation penetrates the skin and moves deep within the tissues, blood and organs. This wave targets the area needed to be treated while rejuvenating the healthy cells as it moves fourteen to fifteen centimeters within the body (Yoshimizu, 2009, p. 80). The heat from the far infrared waves promotes phagocytosis of the lymphocytes while improving the immune system. Another benefit of these rays is the absorption of calcium from vitamin D which was converted from cholesterol. The use of the Biomat's far infrared rays help with fatty acid metabolism, kidney functions and removes certain stress hormones such as histamine, prostaglandin and bradykinin which could cause disturbances in the balance of the body. Not only do the rays stimulate enzyme activity but they reduce swelling and inflammation in the body caused by an acidic PH balance (Yoshimizu, 2009, p.87).

The far infrared rays rid the body of toxic buildup that has accumulated over time causing illness and disease. Water molecules form around toxins creating the cellular energy to become blocked and impaired. But when the light hits the molecule it vibrates causing the toxins to release. According to Kaltsas (2009), "This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms which are holding together the molecules of water. As the breakdown occurs encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released" (p. 3). Toxins are formed from an acidic accumulation in the body cause by an unequal balance of negative and positive ions. If there is a lack of negative ions other health problems will occur in the body as well (Yoshimizu, 2009, p.80). Therefore the Biomat allows the body to produce more negative ions by far infrared rays through the amethyst crystals creating an alkaline system.

The function of a single ion channel discovered by Erwin Neher and Bert Sakman lead to the explanation of negative and positive ions effects on the body during the treatment on the Biomat. They discovered that in the cell's membrane the opening and closing of an ion channel leads to alteration in the nervous system by continuously stimulating or inhibiting the cell. Cells rejuvenate from the motion of the ion channels. The negative and positive ions are controlled in the channels (Alberts, 1990, p.156). According to Piller (1999), "One of the most prevalent ion channels in all cells is one that simply exchanges two sodium ions from within the cell with one potassium from without causing a negative one charge" (p.5). This helps the body to alkalize the cells while freeing them of toxic waste. The negative ions produced from the Biomat detoxify while helping the cells to grow and reproduce normally. Kaltsas (2009) states, "Water molecules are split into H+ and OH-. Negative ions will neutralize H+ ions and the remaining OH- will ionize normal unionized alkaline minerals." (p.4). Too much positive ions will increase the acidity and move slower than the negative ions throughout the cell.

The Biomat helps to regulate the ion channels within the cells allowing negative ions to move freely and quickly breaking up particles resonating in the body. Since ATP within a cell is controlled by glucose and helps the ion channels form electric membrane potential, calcium ions are able to pass through the cell. This in turn controls the insulin needed to be secreted. Many drugs are controlled and diseases are formed through the calcium, potassium and sodium ion channels. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and muscular diseases occur when there is a defect in the calcium channel while epilepsy is controlled by the sodium-potassium channel (Alberts, 1990, p.156). Allowing the Biomat to help the negative ions move from an area of high conductivity to an area of low conductivity through ion channels keeps the nervous system balanced (Kaltsas, 2009, p. 3).

There are many therapeutic effects of the Biomat besides just cellular rejuvenation. The far infrared rays that move and create negative ions in one's body with the healing properties of the amethyst crystals are beyond conventional methods used today for all sorts of disease. Stemming from chronic to acute ailments, the list of illness the Biomat can assist with is of great length. Not only does it control the homeostasis in the body, it regulates the circulatory system providing nutrients through the cells of the veins, capillaries, blood and all the organs. This process helps heal high blood pressure, lung cancer, arrhythmias, metabolic disorders and respiratory infections. The Biomat stimulates sweat to relieve the toxic buildup in the lymphatic system eliminating fatigue, muscle tightness, headaches, aches and pains. Other benefits you receive from laying on a Biomat are relief from insomnia, stress, tension and depression. The Biomat boosts your immune system, energy levels, repairs your tissues by rebuilding your DNA, rejuvenates the skin, controls your weight and balances your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental vitality (Kaltus, 2009, p. 5).

The Biomat comes in a couple different sizes ranging from massage table usage, bed sizes, pillows and a fitted chair size. There is a temperature control panel which allows you to adjust the levels according to your treatment plan. The more you raise the temperature the more you will detox (Paprocki, 2008, p. 1). The lowest setting which is green is for cellular maintenance, the middle gold color is good for acute conditions and the high red setting is for chronic conditions, cancer and heavy detoxification. A minimum of a half hour a day to a maximum of an hour is good for overall health but a recommendation of a couple times a day for a cancer patient is beneficial. After each treatment an ample amount of water needs to be consumed to hydrate the cells and the body (Yoshimizu, 2009, p. 81).

Over all the Biomat is a great thermotherapy treatment benefiting all areas of the body. The process of the amethyst crystals being heated up by far infrared rays brings calmness and peace to one's body while feeling the radiant energy of the Biomat. Adjusting and raising the body's temperature is crucial to bringing the cells out of hypothermia. While it aids in cellular rejuvenation of the cells bringing them back into balance, the Biomat dramatically reduces the stress and toxins that have accumulated over a period of time. Calming the nervous and endocrine system boosts the immune system allowing the body to naturally heal itself on its own. Though the Biomat is very effective alone, exercise along with dietary changes and herbal supplements will bring the body into a state of balance and well being.


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