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Stories of Healing


I loved the Detoxi 300Hrs, from the first time I used it. Within minutes, I could feel it is was something my body was in need of, my skin felt different. Seriously, I felt that my skin became more smooth. I felt open some how, I know that will sound strange to people, but I felt really good. I have a situation with my thumb, some days it becomes painful to touch or move. As usual, I was just going to ignore the pain and keep on with my day. I had decided it was a toxin issue, and I just needed to be more diligent about my water and what I put into my body. To my delight, the pain was gone and stayed that way for probably close to a week.


Days later, I was getting ready to take a sweat (Fever Therapy) on my BioMat and decided to use the salt again, I drank the solution while my mat was warming. I think the Detoxi 300Hrs has really made my "sweats" a more enjoyable experience. It is really hard to explain, I have loved doing my Fever Therapy for so long, I am not sure how to tell you about the change. The most important I think is when the sweat is over, I am ready to tackle anything with tons of energy where in the past, I may have felt more mellow and had a tendency to ease on into my day. I know my body needs it.


I just placed an order for a six month supply, so I know I will not run out again, and I will be more willing to share with people. At $100 for a 30 day supply, I really held off ordering it again, I was really torn, because of the crazy immediate benefit I felt. Needing to pick and choose these days what is a necessary investment in my health. At $250 for 90 packs or a 3 month supply, I made my choice.




I received my Poka Belt one month ago and have been using it every night for an hour as I lay in bed. I place a face towel between the Poka Belt and my PJ’s and just drape it across my tummy on HI. While I read I melt the FAT awayJ! It turns off automatically when the Poka Belt has been on HI for one hour, so I know my “wrap session” is doneJ So far I have lost 1” from my waist! I also love to use it while sitting at the computer. I have a very weak lower back and it offers support, and find it has also improved my posture. Go Poka Belt, GO!!!!!!! Carrie L.


Oh Happy Day! Received my new Poka Jewelry Belt! First time I experienced a belt was in Doc Russ's office, and I loved it. Now I've got my own belt and can use it every day. Just now finished exercising on the Rebounder while wearing the belt, and could almost feel my tummy and hips slimming down. Really like the extra long extension cord because I could move from the Rebounder over to the massage table to do stretching exercises...without any problem. Now, I'm sitting at the computer with the belt still around my waist; so now I know what my new early morning routine will be. It will be great to get all of this done while wearing the belt. I'm so tickled to have a way of keeping the tummy fat off while getting some work done. Please say thanks to Richway for me... from Diamond Lil


In the a.m. on an empty stomach, I put a small portion of Detoxi salt, an actual silver baby spoon size, and drink that diluted in water. Then I do usually 40 minutes of my Pangu Shengong Chi Gong (it's a stationary practice). I also spray myself with some of the detox salt in a spray bottle. Now, I did not lose weight, I lost inches. I started on June 14, 2012 9:00 a.m. measured my stomach it was 35 5/8". Today, July 9, 2012 it measured 33 1/2". Almost 2 inches in less than 4 weeks!


It works! Also, I did not change any of my eating habits. Sometimes in the p.m., I do another 20 minutes of my Chi Gong with the belt on. I protect the POKA, because you really, really, really, sweat. I am soaked through, so you do want to protect the belt.


In the coming weeks, using the Poka Belt, I am planning to eliminate any excess sugars in the form of cookies.


You lose inches and basically you don't have to do a darn thing except wear the belt! It's amazing.


Let's all do the "Poka" and lose inches at the same time!!!


Lorraine L


Dear Marilyn,


Just got tested for Bartinella (lyme) and i'm completely clear...not even a footprint of the infection...I've had the Biomat for about a month...I've had lyme for like 15 years and now i'm finally rid of it...Thanks SO MUCH! For those of you who have the lyme infection or one of its myriad forms, please do not hesitate buying a Biomat. Being sick is no fun and this can really make the difference big time!


Sincerely, Peter Krauss


Dear Gail,


I've been using the salt since I received it. It ' s wonderful. It's so pure, and, it's great for your body. I use it internally, making a small container of it and sip on it during the day. I sprinkle it on food. I rub it on certain areas of my body to reduce, i. e. tummy and love handles after a shower and it WORKS! If I am craving salt, instead of heading for a fatty, salty snack, I just take a pinch of the salt and the craving for salt is gone, immediately, with no calories!


It exfoliates and draws out impurities from your body. I put on a favorite mask and then sprinkle and rub in some salt on my face over the mask and allow 10-15 minutes or maybe longer to draw out the impurities. Then, when you rinse your skin, it feels so soft and clean. It 's the finest, purest, quality salt I have ever come across. Three cheers for Richway for bringing such incredible products for everyone. P.S . Have not had any blood pressure issues using this salt, in fact , I think it helps the body in its cellular metabolism.




Dear Marilyn,


My mother Alice says that with the biomat she'll be pretty close to Wonderland. She sleeps each night on the mini, and her testimony is that at home without it she had to lie in just one position in bed because of severe, chronic knee pain. After one night on the biomat here, the knees were pain free--Hallelujah! Of course I can't take the biomat away from her--without buying one and having it sent her way.


Alice Salyer


"The Biomat has changed my Life"


I dedicated myself to quiet, stress free, power naps, laying on the Biomat while the Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions detoxed my cells and improved the circulation in my body. My blood pressure is now back to normal and I can once again return to my busy day to day life without fear for my health.


This is the best shavasana or deep relaxation that I have ever experienced and is well worth the investment! You will melt into the experience of deep natural healing and emerge renewed. Highly recommended.


Shiva Rea, M.A


"The Biomat has changed my Life"


We had just purchased an Infrared Sauna. My fiancé felt that my massive hip arthritis was due to very high toxicity levels in my body and she was right. I was taking over 100 Ibuprofens a week to eliminate pain in my arthritic hips. After sitting in the Infrared Sauna and sweating for endless hours, boredom set in. It was impossible to get comfortable sitting in the box. Around that time my fiancé received a Biomat Brochure in with a Christmas Card. We interpreted that the Biomat was a Portable Infrared Sauna that could be folded up and stored when not in use. In fact it became much much more. After using the Biomat for three weeks consistently my hip pain dissipated and I was able to get off of the Ibuprofen totally. Also, my blood pressure became reduced and my stress levels went down considerably. I thank Richway and the Biomat Company for making the Biomat and integral part of my life.


Hello, my name is Trish Cobb and I'm from Olde Town, Florida. I learned about the Biomat from Marilyn my massage therapist. I've been seeing her for my back and neck pain and my general insomnia due to pain and stress. On a treatment visit I discovered something different about her massage. I asked her what was different and she mention she was now treating her patients on the Biomat. I asked her all about it and she offered a demo for a week. After one week my insomnia was gone and I was able to sleep all through the night. I also noted a sharp reduction in pain. I purchased the Biomat right away. After six months I'm sleeping deeply throughout the night and can swear the bone spurs have disappeared from my neck. Before the Biomat I couldn't look straight up at the ceiling from a standing position. Now, I can look straight up, pain free. Thank you Marilyn and the Biomat.


"A Triathelete"

I have been an aspiring Iron Man contender but never seemed to get over the hump. After training and competition I would be wiped out for days and always would second guess whether I would ever complete one. After purchasing my Biomat I was able to rid my body of all of that lactic acid buildup and be on my way to training the next day. Thank you Biomat. Thank you


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