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Rejuvena 7000

The Rejuvena™ 7000 has come a long way since its original release back in 1999. ORDER NOW! To celebrate the release of the Rejuvena™ 7000, the purchasers of the first 100 orders will receive a coupon to get a FREE set of our new Richway Amethyst Hydrogel Face Mask™!

The Rejuvena™ 7000 will refresh and rejuvenate your skin
Its sleek, ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand and offers two modes of operation. 

Soft Peeling Function
Emits 30,000 vibrations per second to deeply cleanse and remove contaminants and old cells, revealing your natural skin.

NEW Ion Function with Red Heat Lamp
Designed to increase the efficacy of skin nourishing products by deeply pushing nutrition into your skin.  The new heat lamp increases absorption power!

Pure C Serum™ (Sold separately)
Our new and improved Pure C Serum™ is an oil free, paraben-free, ionized, vitamin C formulation which replenishes the skin and combats oxidative stress.  Pure C Serum™ contains powerful anti-oxidants designed to reduce visible signs of aging and sagging skin.  Use Pure C Serum™ with the Rejuvena™ 7000’s Ion function.

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